Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program for LSU students

LSU is offering a post baccalaureate Practitioner Teacher Program for computer science teachers to obtain certification. It consists of teaching full time, with full pay, for one school year (9 months) following graduation. During this supervised teaching year, the participant must be registered for 3 credit hours of EDIC 4006 in both the fall and spring at LSU. At the end of the year, the participant receives teacher certification.

This program is available to LSU students who have:

Praxis Tests® for Teacher Certification

There are two mandatory Praxis Tests for teachers in Louisiana, plus an additional recommended test:

  • Praxis 5751: Core Academic Skills for Educators: Combined Test. Note, this test is NOT needed if your ACT® composite score is at least 22 or SAT® combined verbal/critical reading and math score is at least 1030.
  • Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): Grades 7–12 (5624)
  • In addition to these two mandatory tests, students are strongly encouraged to pass a Praxis Content exam in one additional content area such as math or one of the sciences

A scholarship is available for students participating in this program.